Access to safe, reliable electrical power is a necessary requirement for businesses to operate efficiently. Proper lighting can enhance customer experiences, improve employee productivity and lead to increased safety and security at your workplace. Surge-free, uninterrupted power will ensure your operation can avoid costly downtimes.

Janbar Electric Ltd. provides electrical maintenance services for a variety of commercial operations such as stores, offices, machine shops, parking lots, arenas, churches and municipal buildings in the Quinte region.

Janbar Electric's services include interior and exterior electrical repairs, servicing and installations for:

  • light fixtures
  • interior and exterior fluorescent light repairs
  • high intensity discharge lights
  • lighted signs
  • pole lighting
  • panels & transformers
  • outlets
  • data and communication lines
  • ethernet/computer network wiring
  • surge protection systems
  • video surveillance systems
  • LED retrofits

New Commercial or Renovations

Contact Janbar Electric if you're planning a new commercial space. We'll work with you to plan an ESA compliant electrical layout to meet your specific needs. If you're renovating an existing commercial facility, let us assist you by assessing your current electrical system and integrating any upgrades necessary to ensure you're ready for future growth.

Health Care Facilities

A high level of expertise is required for electrical installations involving any equipment that comes in contact with people. At Janbar Electric we're experienced at servicing patient care areas for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other health care practitioners.