Repairs & Rewiring

We place a high value on maintaining the integrity of your home's electrical service. You can rely on Janbar Electric to protect your family from shock or fire hazards due to faulty electrical systems in your home.

Service Upgrades

Many older homes are still on 60 amp service and may be ill-equipped to handle the demands of all our modern appliances and electronic gadgets. If you feel you are at or near capacity we can perform a service or panel upgrade. Some signs that your home system may be overloaded are:

  • lights flickering
  • breakers tripping
  • fuses blowing regularly
  • panel box makes a crackling sound
  • electrical service conductors overheating

Home Electrical Re-Wiring and Maintenance

While knob and tube wiring can be safe, it has issues that should be of concern to homeowners: the fact that there is no ground wire in knob and tube systems plus the fire hazard posed by the breakdown of the wiring insulation due to age. Most insurers will not provide or renew coverage in homes with knob and tube wiring and require a total replacement before approving insurance coverage. We can re-wire your home and bring it up to electrical safety authority (ESA) standards.

Aluminum wiring (used in homes mostly from the 1960s to late 1970s) is safe when properly installed, but over time suffers from oxidization and expansion at connection points which can lead to overheating. The wires can be replaced, although this isn't always necessary. At minimum, aluminum wiring needs to be treated to prevent oxidization and wiring connections should be tightened. This can improve safety and costs considerably less than re-wiring your home.

Home Renovations and Additions

Home renovations are a perfect opportunity to upgrade or add additional capacity to your home electrical system. We find kitchen, bath and basement renos are the ones that most frequently require an electrician. Contact Janbar Electric if you need to:

  • add baseboard heaters
  • install exhaust fans
  • add additional outlets or light fixtures
  • wire integrated home theatre and home audio systems
  • perform telephone or intercom installs
  • run ethernet/home computer network wiring
  • install and configure video surveillance systems
  • install surge protection systems

Home Recreation

It's a well-known fact that electricity and water do not mix. At Janbar Electric we're experienced at providing ESA-compliant electrical systems to safely run all appliances for hot tubs, pools, ponds and outdoor lighting. Many retailers are not certified to install the equipment necessary to enjoy these recreational products, but we are.